The importance of people receiving the appropriate help with psychological or emotional problems is so great that it has become a government initiative that translates to the Western world in general, and not only the UK. This is due to the increase in personal responsibility that safeguards our communities as a whole. With this comes the need to learn about and understand the future of psychotherapImage result for The Future of Psychotherapyy, so that ailments such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia can be faced without any prejudice.

De-veiling Mental Health

The release of information pertaining to mental health has seen a boost in the industry. People with these kinds of health issues are no longer afraid to share their stories and thus seek help. Through the initiative of world mental health day mental health, which happens in October, people are learning to ask for help without shame. The need for therapists in the field of psychotherapy is great, so that other medical practitioners like GP’s can work in conjunction with this face to face therapy. It also means that antidepressants are more effective than they would be without the addition of therapy, as people go deeper into issues they’ve encountered in the past that still plague them today.

Technological Innovations

The need for cheaper options in this field is also on the rise. Technological advancements mean people can still have the face-to-face interaction without having to leave their homes. This means that more psychotherapists need to adapt to technologies such as SKype in order to assist people in remote locations. In terms of cost savings, this is one of the methods that is being used. It is to assist people from turning to less qualified individuals due to the fear that getting treatment could be far more costly than simply medicating the problem. Technology also allows people with certain phobias to easily deal with them, in a non-judgmental environment, as they have the security of a familiar surrounding.