Psychotherapy is a profession and area that spans a wide variety of topics and therefore requires and merits a significant amount of research and information/ knowledge sharing and communication. In order to facilitate, regulate and promote the research that is ongoing, completed or being initiated in the world of psychotherapy, there are groups and associations such as The Society for Psychotherapy Research that have been created and are in existence.

This, as well as other societies operate on an international and multidisciplinary level meaning that the reach is wide and complex. These assRelated imageociations focus intently on developing thorough and relevant research in the world of psychotherapy and include a number of topics. The research varies from qualitative to quantitative and collaborative approaches.

Grants, funding, studies and education are key in helping individuals, groups and others commence and complete their research so groups and assoications such as the Society for Psychotherapy Research help with these grants and financial assistance. The society creates and promotes opportunities for students, professionals and those at varying points in their career.

In addition, the society helps with the visibility and dissemination of research. This helps turn the research into information and put it into practice across the world. This ensures that research doesn’t sit idle as written reports, but becomes usable and practical information that is widely spread and used and ultimately, helps improve the quality of life of individuals worldwide.

In addition, knowledge sharing goes beyond the dissemination of completed research and includes connecting professionals and subject experts across the world to facilitate research between those who may otherwise not be able or capable of collaborating. This helps with professional advancement, breakthroughs and creates extremely prominent and impressive results.

Overall, the existence of these groups and societies largely benefit the profession and those impacted by the profession all over the world.