Another professional association that is both prominent and well established in England is the National Counselling Society, or, less formally known as, NCS. The association has been around for decades, having been established in 1999 by a group of like minded counselors, psychotherapists as well as psychologists.

The NCS was awImage result for The National Counseling Societyarded the Accredited Register status according to a rigorous programme and set of standards. This standard was earned and has been maintained by the NCS since 2013. With a focus on creating a more vocational image of and vision for the counselling profession, NCS works towards bettering the profession and starts with the very important client/ counsellor relationship.

The association offers a wide variety of tools and resources to professionals and members including networks, access to print resources as well as training and development opportunities.

The association takes its accredited status seriously and works hard to defend and keep public safety at the forefront of this important profession, always ensuring clients needs and expectations are not only met but always come first.

The NCS also believes in diversity and equality and promotes this as not just a theory, but a staple in this profession and in the society in which we all live, work and exist.

The association works with institutions to help improve standards of care, professional information and keeps up with trends and advances across the industry both nationally and worldwide.

The Association has many strong, deep rooted and successful partnerships with prominent groups and stakeholders varying from health providers to educational institutions as well as government.

This profession is important and is dynamic. It is important that the standards, practices and needs be known, understood and maintained in the interest of the public, the dedicated professionals and the institutions that impact and that are impacted by the work, research and values that the profession demonstrates.