Like many other countries, regions and professions, psychotherapists and counsellors in Britain and across the UK have professional associations to help regulate, govern and unite the profession.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is driven by the concept of social justice and bettering the profession. The association serves as a liaison between members, professionals, the general public and the government. Psychotherapy and counselling services are promoted to key stakeholders and to the public as viable, healthy and practical services that can and do help everyone.Related image

In addition to promoting the profession and its values, services and standards, the BACP helps members, who are professionals in their fields, with advancing, maintaining and pursuing their careers. This includes support, access to resources, and networking for those who may be in school all the way to retired professionals and everyone in between. The support the association offers helps people make a difference in people’s lives but also helps with accessibility and visibility.

BACP also works to advance the profession through resources and development of standards and guidelines for professionals and for the members of the association. The standards are high and reviewed regularly and thoroughly.

The professional association also informs the general public so to ensure access to the most up to date, thorough and relevant information to allow for and promote mental health and wise decisions.

The BACP specifically focuses on the elderly and the role and relationship they have with counselling as well as children and youth who have complex and different needs. The BACP is specific to the four nations and given that the regulations, legalities and legislation varies from place to place, the work of BACP on an international level is limited.

Professional associations, BACP included, play important roles in the advancement, promotion and awareness of professionals, the public and institutions as well.