History of BACP South London Branch (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)Welcome to

Would You Benefit from Counselling?

"We are not the British association for counselling and psychotherapy"

The counsellors are carefully selected, trained and supported by professionals.  There is complete confidentiality in the service.

Counsellors will discuss any general worries that arise when someone is finding it more difficult to cope as they get older.  Counsellors can help people cope with loneliness, bereavement and illness or problems such as form completion, benefits, housing, finance or family relationships.  They offer impartial advice and information as well as someone with whom to share a problem.

Worried About a Friend or Relative?

You may be concerned about a relative or a friend who is elderly. We might be able to help you too. We will arrange for one of our Advisors to see you either at home or in our office.  If we do not know the answer we will help by putting you in touch with someone who does.

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History of BACP South London Branch (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)Welcome to

History of BACP South London

BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) was formed over 30 years ago and to date works with over 40000 members. The South London branch came at the later date of 1986.

A wide variety of professionals were attracted by this branch including; counsellors in full-time private practice or working in the Public Sector, part-time counsellors in paid capacities and unpaid counsellors working in voluntary organisations.

Some members who are not primarily counsellors nevertheless use counselling skills as a significant part of their work.

BACP South London had three main aims and objectives;

  • To provide professional development and support for members via:
    • Contacts, referral links, groups and networks
    • Formal learning through talks and workshops
    • Information learning through the exchange of ideas
  • Publishing and promoting our counselling services to the local community
  • Influencing national BACP on policy matters

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